Terminal Control

I have always been a huge fan of Science Fiction shows and films, and one of my favourite elements is seeing futuristic control rooms. Computers and workstation terminals with flashing buttons and seemingly important leavers, that give you a feeling that something very technical or scientific is happening. Now with the use of  computer graphics in creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) This has taken this sense of advanced complexity to the next level. However I will always have a fondness for these fantastic props and sets.

I have included below some of my favourite control rooms, cockpits and graphic displays from my younger years.

Lost in Space

The Jupiter 2 – Possibly one of my all time favourite shows as a child!!! I really missed this show on channel 4 on a Sunday as unfortunately Land of the Giants was just not as entertaining.

The Time Tunnel

I used to stay up very late to watch this.

Star Trek

The original series with it’s fantastic colours

Space 1999

Moonbase Alpha

Star Wars