Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with many graphic designers — some better than others. She is without doubt the best and most talented graphic designer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her work is terrific (she can make _anything_ look good), she’s ultra reliable, charges very reasonable rates and, above all, is a really nice person to work with.

Ian RowlandIanRowland.com

As the Project Manger for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, I have coordinated a number of road safety initiatives and programmes where Laylah  has provided some of the most innovative, creative and visually appealing design work that compliments and supports messages to a variety of vulnerable road users.

Laylah has the ability to conceptualise an idea and transform it into a graphical piece of art. Eye catching, relevant and striking, her work has received consistent recognition throughout the road safety industry.

Ian JonesSussex Safer Roads Partnership

I have known Laylah for many years and so she was the immediate choice of designer when I set up Jason Dean Estate Agency. She has evolved our brand and matured it over the last 3 years, she has kept us modern and up to date and moreover, always listens to what I want even when she knows it won’t work. She then, through design and colour – presents what she thinks will work and it never fails to blow us away. We keep it simple with nice lines, a great brand colour, which she helped us choose and clean easy to digest images and placement of words.

Sarah DirectorJason Dean

Laylah has provided us with high quality graphics and artwork, that have allowed us to produce films and documentaries of the highest quality. Never failing to meet a deadline and always delivering the quality we need. Our success is partly down to her support.

Tristan LoraineFact Not Fiction Films